We have registered 20 patents, both domestic and international, for Sawwave’s original and innovative technologies such as power supply technology and antenna technology. Using this technology, we have developed the world’s highest performance products and are leading the way in realizing ubiquitous environment by developing solutions.


Patent No.10-0991824
2-Port Cross-Phase Feed Patch Antenna

Patent No.10-0991823
Cross-polarized phase compensation patch antenna

Patent No.10-1017690
Power Effect and Its Application

Patent No.10-1547474
Beautyless omni-directional antenna using the deflection effect

Patent No.10-1591920
Directional Mimo Antenna Using an Ease Effect

Patent No.10-1754252
Mimo antenna using the effect

Patent No.6118950
Japanese Patent

Patent No.6185665
Japanese Patent

Registration No.40-1048493
SOMPA Trademark Registration Certificate

Registration No.5889892
SOMPA Japan Trademark Registration Certificate